MHA was established in 2012 to support the goals of PVBC. Its principal functions are to prepare for, and service, meetings of PVBC  and other subsidiary bodies PVBC, and to coordinate with other relevant local and international bodies.

As a neutral organization staffed local and internationally , the Secretariat is accountable to PVBC and its subsidiary bodies and carries out those tasks that fall under its associated mandate.

The Secretariat  assists and provides administrative support to PVBC and other subsidiary bodies. It represents the day-to-day focal point for PVBC, organizes all meetings under PVBC, prepares background documentation for those meeting and facilitates the flow of authoritative information on the implementation of PVBC goals.

The Secretariat plays a significant role in coordinating all works carried out under  PVBC with that of other relevant parties and represents PVBC at meetings of relevant bodies.

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